Employee Recruitment with Social Media Marketing, HR Marketing

Generate, Personalise, Qualify and Convert Leads, General Objectives in HR Marketing 4.0 for Optimal Employee Recruitment

Many years ago I was told: "People are the greatest assets".

At the time, I didn't really understand the meaning of this statement.

Now we present our assets in the balance sheet, think about the valuation, the annual depreciation and the efficient use of the assets.

The paradigm shift in HR marketing teaches us that the resource ‘employee’, the resource human being is finite and very limited and extremely precious.

It is about time that we appreciate the employee as an internal customer, that we think proactively about points of contact, evaluate employee satisfaction and make employee retention the focus of our HR marketing.

WHY? Because it is exactly this kind of personnel marketing and good employee recruitment that has a significant impact on the company's success.

Questions to be clarified

  • How does your company currently represent itself?
  • How do you receive applications (directly or indirectly via job portals)?
  • What is the target you have associated with your website / what opportunities are there to set specific targets?
  • How is the usability of the career section on your website?
  • What kind of content should you communicate?
  • How can you work on your employer branding?
  • What is the sales or lead funnel in HR marketing?
  • What are the functions of the AIDA process in modern recruitment?
  • Which key figures and key performance indicators support your recruitment process?
  • How can I actively manage the assets in HR marketing?


  • Interactive workshop with focus on participant needs
  • Kick-off presentations by trainer Roberto Capone or colleague
  • Management tools and quality management tools
  • Group and individual tasks
  • Optional addition: webinars or blended learning methods

Remote trainings

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1 day trainings

Country City Beginning Ending
Germany Berlin25.08.202125.08.2021
Germany Berlin03.03.202204.03.2022
Germany Berlin07.09.202208.09.2022
Germany Munich28.08.202129.08.2021
Germany Munich05.03.202206.03.2022
Germany Munich10.09.202211.09.2022
Austria Vienna 01.09.202102.09.2021
Austria Vienna 12.03.202213.03.2022
Austria Vienna 14.09.202215.09.2022
The Netherlands Maastricht 10.11.202111.11.2021
The Netherlands Maastricht 23.03.202224.03.2022
The Netherlands Maastricht 12.10.202213.10.2022
Italy Bolzano 13.10.202114.10.2021
Italy Bolzano 18.05.202219.05.2022
Italy Bolzano 05.10.202206.10.2022
Spain Malaga 16.10.202117.10.2021
Spain Malaga 21.05.202222.05.2022
Spain Malaga 08.10.202209.10.2022
France Marseille 20.10.202121.10.2021
France Marseille 29.06.202230.06.2022
France Marseille 17.09.202218.09.2022
SlowakiaBratislava 03.09.202104.09.2021
SlowakiaBratislava 27.04.202228.04.2022
SlowakiaBratislava 17.09.202218.09.2022
Denmark Copenhagen 29.09.202130.09.2021
Denmark Copenhagen 06.07.202207.07.2022
Denmark Copenhagen 23.11.202224.11.2022
GB London 01.10.202102.10.2021
GB London 09.07.202210.07.2022
GB London 07.12.202208.12.2022