Business Workshop, Key Account Management, Automotive & Mobility
2-Day Training

Specialised training for the automotive and mobility industry. Defining chances and risks of a fast changing industry, high volume vs. low contribution margin. Value Selling is one of the arguments to develop the market.

A traditional industry needs to reinvent itself so it can meet the environmental requirements of customers and government.

Thus, quality management becomes a central issue in the car production process from the very beginning. We integrate QM and management tools and combine it with best practice samples.

Increasing efficiency in getting new customers by on- and offline acquisition and development of existing customers.

In this industry-specific seminar, we deal with the topic of VALUE PROPOSITION and supplier position. What are the customer's requirements (product performance and ancillary product performance), how well or how poorly do I/my company/my customer contact points perform? Who is my competitor with regards to my A customer and how do I succeed in working out a UNIQUE CUSTOMER PROPOSITION? How do I sustainably optimize opportunities and risks and also strengths and weaknesses?

Acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers and winning back customers is the focus of the seminar. The key customer usually has a high share of total sales and contribution margin and therefore has to be served sustainably. We think about how we can move from a unique selling proposition to a unique customer proposition, how we can recognize and communicate our company and product advantages and how we can establish customer loyalty to us, our company and our products/services.

Key Account Management Automotive content and methods

Content of this sales training:

  • Corporate und company-wide objectives (quality vs. quantity)
  • Introduction to “The 3 Assets in Sales and Marketing”
  • Differentiation between quantity and quality
  • Smart-objective management
  • Definition and proactive management of ratios and KPI´s in sales
  • Definition of lead and lead management
  • Integration of quality management into sales
  • Process management during the acquisition process
  • Possibilities of lead generation and conversion
  • Qualification of leads
  • Sales qualified leads vs. marketing qualified leads
  • Ways to convert prospective customers
  • Ratios and KPI´s in the acquisition process
  • Sales Funnel Management
  • Deployment of objectives, cooperation with marketing and other internal or external departments
  • Management of existing customers and establishment of customer loyalty
  • Cross-selling as a sales target
  • Up-selling as a sales target
  • Sales possibilities and opportunities for existing customers
  • Customer satisfaction management and management deployment
  • Net Promotor Score including process management to improve the actual status
  • Priority Management for sales managers – time as the bottleneck
  • Customer recovery
  • Churn-rate and improvement process using the Ishikawa method

Training methods:

  • Interactive workshop based on customer demand
  • Short presentations from Roberto Capone
  • Tools and techniques in quality management and sales
  • Group tasks
  • Sales scenarios

Optional: webinar, remote training, blended learning possibilities.

Your investment: 1,750.00 EUR + VAT

The 2nd person from the same company gets a 30% discount.

Duration: Two days: 9 am – 4 pm

2 day trainigs

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