Certified Sales Manager
2-Day Training with Roberto Capone

Business Training in Sales and Management with Focus on Management Deployment and Leadership

Sales volume, revenue, contribution, Lead Management, development of existing customers, customer recovery will be discussed as well as employee satisfaction, retaining employees and return on investment.

Peter Drucker, the US management guru, described himself as a socio-economist.
This attitude and this designation, are in my eyes, very important factors for any marketing manager.
It is about economic factors such as turnover, sales and contribution margin. It is about margins and about return on sales in the customer service process and within the framework of customer contact points.
Social factors also play a major role: If we now refer to our employees, our colleagues in the agile working environment as internal customers, if we perceive them as such and deal with them accordingly, we are on the right track.


  • State analysis of participants and companies to understand the particular demands
  • Assets in sales
  • Lead Management digital and traditional
  • Development of existing customers
  • Leadership of sales people (internal and external)
  • Sophisticated management methods to reach the target
  • Customer and employee satisfaction management
  • Efficient cooperation with pre-sales management and the marketing department to increase sales
  • Promoting active sales
  • Leadership methods, motivation and incentives
  • Leadership through empowerment of people
  • Management deployment
  • Business and sales planning for sustainable revenue und EBIT.

Training methods:

  • Interactive workshop based on customer demand
  • Short presentations from Roberto Capone
  • Tools and techniques in quality management and sales
  • Group tasks
  • Sales scenarios

Optional: webinar, remote training, blended learning possibilities

Your investment: 1,750.00 EUR + VAT

The 2nd person from the same company gets a 30% discount.
Duration: 2 days

2 day trainigs

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