Lead Management

Business Workshop, Key Account Management, Lead Management,
1-Day Sales Training

Increasing efficiency in getting new customers via on- and offline acquisition

The job description of a sales manager position always starts with the task of acquiring and converting new customers. In this particular business workshop we use and combine digital marketing, traditional marketing and quality management to optimize the process of acquisition.

We put into practice and optimize the well-known A-I-D-A formula. We identify our target group and improve on how to get qualified names and addresses and how to manage the process in a sustainable way with the help of key performance indicators to increase sales volume and profitability.

Content of this one-day sales training:

  • Corporate und company-wide objectives (quality vs. quantity)
  • Definition of lead and lead management
  • Process management during the acquisition process
  • Possibilities of lead generation and conversion
  • Qualification of leads
  • Sales qualified leads vs. marketing qualified leads
  • Ways to convert prospective customers

  • Ratios and KPI´s during the acquisition process
  • Sales Funnel Management
  • Deployment of objectives, cooperation with marketing and other internal or external departments

    Training methods:

  • Interactive workshop based on customer demand
  • Short presentations from Roberto Capone
  • Group tasks
  • Sales scenarios
  • Optional: webinar, remote training, blended learning possibilities

Your investment: 620,00 EUR excl. VAT

The 2nd person from the same company gets a 30% discount.

Duration: One-day training from 9 am – 4 pm

1 day trainigs

Country City Beginning Ending
Germany Berlin25.08.202125.08.2021
Germany Berlin03.03.202204.03.2022
Germany Berlin07.09.202208.09.2022
Germany Munich28.08.202129.08.2021
Germany Munich05.03.202206.03.2022
Germany Munich10.09.202211.09.2022
Austria Vienna 01.09.202102.09.2021
Austria Vienna 12.03.202213.03.2022
Austria Vienna 14.09.202215.09.2022
The Netherlands Maastricht 10.11.202111.11.2021
The Netherlands Maastricht 23.03.202224.03.2022
The Netherlands Maastricht 12.10.202213.10.2022
Italy Bolzano 13.10.202114.10.2021
Italy Bolzano 18.05.202219.05.2022
Italy Bolzano 05.10.202206.10.2022
Spain Malaga 16.10.202117.10.2021
Spain Malaga 21.05.202222.05.2022
Spain Malaga 08.10.202209.10.2022
France Marseille 20.10.202121.10.2021
France Marseille 29.06.202230.06.2022
France Marseille 17.09.202218.09.2022
SlowakiaBratislava 03.09.202104.09.2021
SlowakiaBratislava 27.04.202228.04.2022
SlowakiaBratislava 17.09.202218.09.2022
Denmark Copenhagen 29.09.202130.09.2021
Denmark Copenhagen 06.07.202207.07.2022
Denmark Copenhagen 23.11.202224.11.2022
GB London 01.10.202102.10.2021
GB London 09.07.202210.07.2022
GB London 07.12.202208.12.2022